In the photo below, there are 6 of my ancestors, all from my paternal side!

My family

Welcome to my Blog, New Age Traditions!  I will be regularly posting recipes and interesting tips about Traditional food with a New Age twist!

A little bit about me – I am South African, born in the 70’s, now living in Singapore!  I left South Africa when I was 21 with my now husband, Richard and we have lived in 6 different countries since leaving in 1994.  I have 3 children, 16, 12 and 9, who were born in the UK and Australia, but still consider themselves to be South African!  I am all for keeping tradition alive!

My family comes from a cocktail of different cultures – Dutch, German and English on my mothers side and Greek and English on my fathers side! My husband has a mix of English, Irish, Spanish and Dutch.

My Paternal Grandmother had a keen interest in cooking and nutrition and was a teacher at a Technical College in Home Economics!  She was an excellent cook and my father often shares his stories about her incredible cooking!  Good old fashioned, delicious recipes!  Home made Ginger Beer being one of his favourites!

My Maternal Great Grandmother passed on her incredible wisdom and treasured recipes and skills to my Mother and my Aunt!  My Aunt married a farmer in The Northern region of South Africa, where we would visit from Johannesburg most weekends.  The food my aunt cooked was traditional, wholesome and nourishing farm produce!  The meat was fresh and grass fed and the milk we drank on the farm was raw and straight from the source!  How privileged I feel to have grown up on the farm with this incredible family.

I have fond memories of my mother creating wonderful dishes, from a recipe book she still owns, called ‘Kook en Geniet’, which translates into ‘Cook and Enjoy’ and this was the recipe ‘bible’ within the Afrikaans community!  Filled with traditional recipes passed down through the generations.

I am incredibly proud of my roots and so excited to share the recipes and cultural experiences from my family!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them with you!  Shared with love!

Rene @ New Age Traditions

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