I was craving an iced coffee, but it was 2.30pm and if I have caffeine after 12pm, there’s not chance I’ll be able to sleep that night!  Richard, my lovely husband, suggested a drink with cacao powder – therefore the Coconut Cocao Smoothie was born!  It is heavenly and really healthy!  The Cacao powder is packed with goodness, the main one being Magnesium!  It was really filling too, so perfect for a mid-afternoon snack!

Try it and send me feedback!  I always love feedback!

*Coconut Milk (or cream) can be bought or you can use fresh coconut water with a bit of the young coconut meat from inside the coconut added for an even healthier version.

Little Farms does a great Coconut Milk called Inside Out!

*Cacao Powder – try to find the highest quality powder as it is not the same as the cocoa powder found in the supermarket that you use for baking!  Also, notice the difference between ‘CACAO AND COCOA’!!  It’s an important difference!



1 big glass of Ice cubes

*250ml Coconut Milk

*3 tsp’s Cacao Powder

A squeeze of Honey

Place all ingredients in a blender and whizz it up! Best to drink it on a hot day!

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