This is one of those last minute desserts that are always a hit!  It’s really easy to get hold of the ingredients and I’ve been making it for years!  I think it may be similar to one of Nigella Lawson’s recipes, but I have adjusted it over the years to suit me.

These chocolate pots can easily be transformed into a Gluten Free option by replacing the wheat flour with gluten free flour and the results are no different.  I love to serve these hot with my homemade ice cream (you can find the recipe here).

It has 70% real dark chocolate, which contains magnesium, so no need to feel guilty when eating these!  Everything in moderation!

Chocolate Pots

125g Butter
125g 70% Dark Chocolate
3/4 cup Sugar or Xylitol
3 Eggs
3 Tbsp's Flour/Gluten Free Flour

- Preheat oven to 180 degrees C
- Melt butter and chocolate together in a pot on a low heat 
over the stove, and then turn the heat off
- Mix the sugar, eggs and flour together in a separate bowl
until well combined
- Add the egg mixture to the chocolate mixture and stir well
until combined
- Place the batter in 4 or 8 greased ramekins or cupcake
papers (depending on how big you'd like them to be)
- Bake for 15 mins
- When done, the centre will still be gooey and moist
- Best served warm with homemade ice cream (see link above)

As always, your feedback is appreciated!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bridget says:

    Oh Yumm

    I am trying this one for sure..
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Bridget! They’re always a hit!


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