I am so excited to get going on my new Blog!  Actually, even more excited to be able to now call myself ‘A Blogger’!  Feels kind of special!  I’m not just ‘a stay at home Mum’ or ‘someone’s wife’, or even an ’employee’ anymore!

Even more importantly, I have been wracking my brain, trying to figure out what my ‘niche’ (can you tell I’ve read books on blogging?) might be!  After much consideration, sleepless nights (from excitement) and deliberation, it came to me! Something I have always felt drawn to and incredibly passionate about!!  My Grandparents and Great Grandparents (and even back to Paleo) traditions, cooking and food choices!

I have done so much research over the years on countless ‘diets’ and ‘eating plans’ or ‘lifestyles’, and always come back to TRADITIONAL food and what we grew up on and was passed down from family to family for many generations.  I LOVE THIS SUBJECT!!!  Nothing gets me going more than traditional and ‘old school’ food and recipes!

In saying that, I am aware and alerted to the fact that our food no longer resembles the food that our Grandparents, or in my case, even my parents (without giving away my age) ate!  Our food and food sources have dramatically changed over the years and we were still eating good wholesome food in the 70’s and into the 80’s!  Somewhere around the late 80’s our food became a chemical soup – the way it was produced, the introduction of GM (Genetically Modified) food (mostly grains such as Wheat, Corn and Soy).  These grains were then being fed to livestock, instead of the traditional feed, which was fresh, green grass which is full of Vitamins and Minerals.  Our dairy started being pasteurised and growth hormones and antibiotics added, and food was starting to be mass produced!  These all in turn have a negative effect on the people who consume them (that would be you and me).

My intention for this blog is not to get political, but to encourage people to eat traditional food, with a New Age twist!  Where there is food that our ancestors ate that no longer serves us in a nutritious way, I have used alternatives and recipes to go along with it!

My intention is also to come from a positive place and as much as I enjoy a debate and discussion, please try and keep your comments as positive as possible, and I will do the same.

One last thing!  Even though I have done a large amount of research and I feel the information I will be sharing comes from credible sources, the views and opinions on this blog are my own and are not intended as medical advice.  Please use your discretion when sharing or using any information from this blog for your personal use!

I’m overjoyed that you have found this page and this Blog and looking forward to sharing some wonderful recipes and information with you in the future!!

In the name of Good, Old Fashioned Health!


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  1. Lisa says:

    Well done renie so proud of you!!!

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    1. Hayley says:

      Good luck with your new venture…. Look forward to following you. X

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks Cox! Will be posting a few of your favourites on here! x


  2. Kylie Chidiac says:

    Congratulations Rene – I’m looking forward to checking out your recipies 🙂

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  3. Jo says:

    Looking forward to some new ideas Rene!

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  4. Steph says:

    Fabulous Rene, look forward to the recipes! Best of luck x

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  5. Laura says:

    Your ideas accessible, brilliant! Looking forward to more… Congratulations x

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  6. This is so amazing and am sure that this venture will be a huge success. Dad and I are so proud of you!

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  7. Liz says:

    I’m looking forward to reading more and trying your recipes.

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